Many Hands Make Light Work

by Various Artists



An acoustic EP recorded in one day at a house in Musselburgh to promote a Golden Hour tour of mainland Europe.


released April 10, 2010

Billy Liar - vocals, acoustic guitar
Jed Milroy - banjo, backing vocals
Dan Willson (Withered Hand) & Hailey Beavis - backing vocals

Produced by Sandy Butler, for Forest Records

Written by Billy Liar, copyright control 2009

Artwork by Ericka Duffy & Jason Harrison Morton.



all rights reserved


Billy Liar Edinburgh, UK

'Scotland`s angriest young man. Watching Billy attack his guitar and spit into his mic on a live setting, you're almost waiting for this head to pop off his shoulders with the ferocity of his delivery. A constant touring animal... you are left wanting more. Great shit! More please!'

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Track Name: Come Back To Edinburgh (acoustic)
The front door slams and you are gone
Straight out of my life to Aberdeen or Glasgow, or wherever you are going
I don't listen to you call as you pack your suitcase in the hall
Stuffing it full of CDs and DVDs that are probably all mine

Take me home

I bumped into your best friend outside a club on a Saturday night
Where we were forced to stand, victims of the smoking ban
I tried to ask her how you were, she said you'd moved back into your parents' house
But she was far too drunk, and pretty incoherent

I thought I saw you in the town, in fact I could have sworn that it was you
But then the girl turned round, and I met an unfamiliar face
I must have called you fifty times tonight, I should never have had that final pint
Drowing my sorrows on the Cowgate all alone

Take me home
I can't get there on my own

I keep listening to your favourite songs and nothing else
Trying to imagine you were here, just like it's always been
I keep finding myself in the same old bars, stumbling around with the same old friends
Everything stays the same, apart from you

Where are you now, and who are you with?
I called your parents house but your mother just hung up on me when she heard my voice
Everything you left around the house, once meant nothing, now seems so significant, and I can't help feeling alone

Take me home

Come back to Edinburgh.