Live At Granton Pierhouse

by Billy Liar

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Billy Liar - vocals, acoustic/electric guitars
Crusher - bass
Dave Taylor - drums

Engineered by Richard Werner at Granton Pierhouse.

All songs written by Billy Liar, copyright control 2006.


released November 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Billy Liar Edinburgh, UK

'Scotland`s angriest young man. Watching Billy attack his guitar and spit into his mic on a live setting, you're almost waiting for this head to pop off his shoulders with the ferocity of his delivery. A constant touring animal... you are left wanting more. Great shit! More please!'

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Track Name: Back On My Feet Again
I slip away from the house, straight through the back door
No-one bats an eyelid, no-one says a word
They'll carry on without me, carry on without me
As if I was never even there

I turn left down a silent street and light a cigarette
My head is killing me but the night has just begun
So I wave down a cab and ask to go somewhere with class
Somewhere full of life, fuck it anywhere but here tonight

Anywhere but here tonight
Take me anywhere but here

I end up in the town and I spill out on the street
A man in a doorway blocks my way and I stare down at my feet
He says I won't get in tonight, on account of how I'm dressed
Well silently I hate him, but there's nothing I can do tonight

Anywhere but here tonight
Take me anywhere but here

I'm pissing in a doorway when a man approaches me
He says he knows somewhere that we can go, that's not too far and free
Well I follow him forever, at least it seems that way to me
Until eventually we reach nowhere, and he informs me, we are here

We are here

Anywhere but here tonight
Take me anywhere but here

He spins around and hits me, and asks me for my watch
My wallet and my phone, but I just stare in disbelief
I look up to the stars and I run faster than he expects
And before long I reach home, and I'm back, back on my feet again


Anywhere but here
Anywhere but here tonight
Track Name: This House Is A Fire Hazard
I opened the front door was immediately accosted
By some bastard who went to my primary school
He was drunker than Hell and seemed to think that we were pretty good friends
Although I've never really even known him at all

He's the kind of guy who's still dressed by his mother
Private education was made for him
I managed to escape and head for the kitchen
Where everyone else seemed to be congregating

I helped myself to everyone's drinks and before long everything seemed much funnier than it had been, barely ten minutes before
I struggled across the kitchen floor on my hands and knees
On a desperate and shameless search for cigarettes, but to no avail

But I did find a girl who seemed almost as drunk as I was
Sprawled across the hallway, next to the coats and shoes
Hand in hand, we fell into the walls
And suddenly we were alone, in a bedroom upstairs
It's dangerous

It's an attempt at intimacy but you must be taking the piss
You must be taking the piss if this is the best that you can do
A candle lit dinner, scented candles round the bath
Your dress flickers in the light, this house is a fire hazard

I spilt a bottle of red wine, all over her dress, the bed and the carpet
But she didn't seem to mind
The sex was messy and short, I won't go into detail but I regretted it straight afterwards, when she turned the lights on

She was a fat and ugly mess, and now I understood why all my friends had been laughing, as I walked towards the room, my inevitable doom
Disgusted by what I had done, I fell down the stairs and left the house without even putting my shoes on

This house is a fire hazard

I walked all the way home alone, and reached my house at five o'clock in the morning, daylight was breaking through
The birds were singing cheerfully in the trees, some song I'm sure I recognised, and my feet were red, and sore as fuck

Stone cold sober, I collapsed on my floor, before I'd had a chance to get into bed, and I woke at twelve with the weakest stomach imaginable
And the sorest head imaginable, I was fucking mess, there's no denying it, there's no denying it

Put it out, put it out
This house is a fire hazard
Track Name: Come Back To Edinburgh
The front door slams and you are gone
Straight out of my life to Aberdeen or Glasgow, or wherever you are going
I don't listen to you call as you pack your suitcase in the hall
Stuffing it full of CDs and DVDs that are probably all mine

Take me home

I bumped into your best friend outside a club on a Saturday night
Where we were forced to stand, victims of the smoking ban
I tried to ask her how you were, she said you'd moved back into your parents' house
But she was far too drunk, and pretty incoherent

I thought I saw you in the town, in fact I could have sworn that it was you
But then the girl turned round, and I met an unfamiliar face
I must have called you fifty times tonight, I should never have had that final pint
Drowing my sorrows on the Cowgate all alone

Take me home
I can't get there on my own

I keep listening to your favourite songs and nothing else
Trying to imagine you were here, just like it's always been
I keep finding myself in the same old bars, stumbling around with the same old friends
Everything stays the same, apart from you

Where are you now, and who are you with?
I called your parents house but your mother just hung up on me when she heard my voice
Everything you left around the house, once meant nothing, now seems so significant, and I can't help feeling alone

Take me home

Come back to Edinburgh.
Track Name: We're Not Leaving
The clock is permanently stuck at quarter to eight
I don't want to make a scene but it's already far too late
I'm dying on the floor in a house that I've never been to before

Next thing I know, we get thrown out, by a man who asks us if we will go quietly, but I'm tearing out my lungs
I'm screaming blue murder, I just need to get somewhere
Give me a cigarette, and let me back into your house please

The man promises he'll kill me, if I ever come near his family again
And vague recollections flash across my mind
What have I done? What have I said?
And is this man serious about wanting me dead?
Cause that's not very nice

This is definitely not the way he should be treating his guests
His uninvited guests....

Yes we're the gatecrashers
And we won't be leaving any time soon
You can call the police, you can threaten me as much as you like
But I promise you, we're not leaving

The bottle of whiskey that was in my hand seems to have disappeared
And bright lights and disco lights are flashing through my mind
Some woman with a face like gravel grabs me roughly by the arm
And tries her best to reason with me, she doesn't get too far

I somehow start a fight, and end up sore as Hell with a black eye
Well you should have seen the other guy, you should have seen the other guy
The ceiling's calling my name, my head feels like it's upside down
I hear the sound of sirens and I know we shouldn't be here

We're not leaving here.