All I've Got

by Billy Liar

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Billy Liar - vocals, guitar

Stina Marie Claire Tweeddale - backing vocals
Jen Hill - double bass
Fraser Fulton - cajon
Rory Sutherland - fiddle

Recorded and mastered by Garry Boyle

All songs written by Billy Liar, copyright control 2013.

Photos by Chris Scott. Artwork by Tactile Industries.


released October 14, 2013

'Watching Billy attack his guitar and spit into his mic on a live setting, you're almost waiting for this head to pop off his shoulders with the ferocity of his delivery, so its quite a surprise to hear him sounding a lot more chilled out on these recordings, perhaps letting the songs do the talking this time, and it's definitely a wise choice.

A constant touring animal, it's understandable that this release is a short one, with only the three tracks rocketing past in under eight minutes, it's the only failing of the release -- you are left wanting more. I'm sure Billy has plans to remedy this and with the way his songwriting is going i'm certain that he has a fantastic album's worth of material in the waiting. Great shit! More please!'

PUNK NEWS (****)

'This is a song that deserves to be heard by everyone for no other reason than that they’d really like it if they did...... the most buoyantly catchy song Billy Liar has ever written.'


'Liar tackles tales of love and music industry issues without blinking, set to an acoustic punk rock score that leans on vintage and country concepts........ Liar certainly lives up to the hype.'


'A cultured artiste who has subtle powers of provocation, gentle persuasions within his remit of rhythm and a distinct flair for not following the orthodox acoustic route...... Take a bow Mr Liar Pants - thy be doing a fine job.'




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Billy Liar Edinburgh, UK

'Scotland`s angriest young man. Watching Billy attack his guitar and spit into his mic on a live setting, you're almost waiting for this head to pop off his shoulders with the ferocity of his delivery. A constant touring animal... you are left wanting more. Great shit! More please!'

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Track Name: All I've Got
And she told me about her boyfriend while we lay there in the dark
She's studying at vet school but she wishes it was art
We stayed up all through the night and when she left, I fell apart
I fell apart, she took my heart

She went to an all girl's school and her parents are dead strict
I'm scared to speak in front of her in case she thinks I'm thick
We drank and talked all night and when she left I felt like shit
I felt like shit, I fell to bits

And sometimes things can happen just a little bit too fast
We're thrown into the future while still clinging to the past
And I know you barely know me, and my banter's pretty weak
But you are all I've got, and you mean everything to me

We stayed up for three nights and she shared secrets with me
We watched some rubbish films and we drank a lot of tea
She told me some stories, not the ending nor the start
Nor the start, I fell apart


And then one night he left her, on a cold dark street
And although we weren't together, things got pretty bleak
I told her that I loved her, and yes I jumped the gun
I jumped the gun, but I was not wrong
Track Name: Sleep
The clock chimes at the same time every hour, but I still can't sleep
I'm still here every hour, counting sheep

And I can close my eyes and I can count to ten
But when I open them, I'm still here again

I'm still here again
Track Name: Change
I put away my party shoes and I cut off my mohawk
I need to back up my arguments and not just be all talk
I'm so bored of watching bands all just fade into the same song
The same band, no-one's saying anything, nothing's getting done

I want to see your blood spilt on the stage
I want to hear your heartbeat through the PA
I want to hear true adolescent rage
I want to be inspired, I want to see something change

I'm tired of drinking until the band get better
I want to hear bands that make me dance, even when I'm sober
Reunion tours, rocking the cashbox, you said you'd get back together
When Hell was frozen over